Lisa, 23, feminist, jewish (and badly agnostic). To the best of my ability to determine, my sexual orientation is "sprung rhythm" and my gender expression is "fabulous badger". (She/her/hers pronouns are fine.)EMT, aspiring PA. Poetry, intersectional feminism, Pacific Rim, Night Vale, Circle of Magic, language, biology, and eclectic nerdery. Whovian blogging will resume when Moffat stops fucking everything up.If it involves dragons or iambic pentameter, you'll probably find it here.


WARNING: CURRENTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF AN X-FILES LIVEBLOG/FEELINGS SPIRAL. If you don't want X-Files spoilers and lots of Scully feelings, TURN BACK NOW.

1st August 2011

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Slacktivist on 'creationism' and the joys of science. →

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