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20th September 2011

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Dear Homophobic “Christians”,


Just because I think everyone should have equal rights does not make me a lesbian. Even if I am a lesbian, I am not evil. For the record, I am not (typically) attracted to women. I can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of women and not be attracted to them. For that matter, I can also appreciate the beauty of men and not be attracted to them. I can appreciate the beauty of every gender, which is more than your heteronormative, cisgendered ideology accepts. If you think I am just an intellectual know-it-all, Wikipedia has excellent articles explaining those terms and actually that is where I learned them. I can also appreciate the beauty of asexuality. If I can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of all genders, then I can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of love regardless of which gender/s it is between. If you would read the latter part of the book you are so fond of bashing over my friends’ heads, perhaps you might learn something. If you think there is a Big Menacing Gay Conspiracy that will take away all your rights, I invite you to read this. If you use a shield to kill someone, it is a weapon.  STOP USING MY RELIGION TO HURT PEOPLE.

A Former Conservative 

If more Christians were like you, the world would be so much better. As a non-Christian, I’m thanking you for showing us that this religion, like a good many of them, is made of beauty and kindness instead of crazy.

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14th September 2011

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Anger, that beautiful daughter of hope, demands action. Anger changes things. It seeks to correct the injustice that offendedness merely wants to savor. Anger sees injustice and tries to rip it out at the root. Offendedness looks at injustice the way a oenophile looks at a nice bottle of Chianti — wanting to preserve it in the cellar with the rest of the well-stocked, impeccably organized collection so that one day it might be taken out and enjoyed, swirled on the tongue to luxuriate in every piquant note of flavor.
— Fred Clark of slacktivist, from this brilliant and stirring post.

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22nd June 2011

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lobster salad and champagne: hey tumblr, I have thoughts →


There’s a debate raging on stfuconservatives about people who say, “I’m pro-choice, but I’d never get an abortion”. The argument that Jess and Joe are making is that the qualifier shames people who get abortions and implies that while the choice should be allowed it could be considered an…

As someone who spends a lot of time feeling guilty about institutional racism (not incorrectly), I really like the discussion of how being unable to stop contributing to institutional racism/slut-shaming/whathaveyou doesn’t necessarily make one a bad person.

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