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3rd May 2012

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I just can’t get over this gif.

It’s like the perfect two-second summary of everything you need to know about Nerdfighteria.

Like, next time someone asks you what it means to be a nerdfighter, just make/show them this picture of Hank making that face.

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6th February 2012

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Dude. NO EDGE.

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31st January 2012


I loved John’s video today. I love this huge, goofy, sprawling, loud, excited, enthusiastic, supportive and thoughtful nerd family. Never forget to be awesome, guys.

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21st January 2012

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Reading is the apprenticeship that writers have.
— John Green, at the TdN Bethesda stop

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16th January 2012

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All of my TdN swag! I got a signed/hanklerfished TFIOS; a signed AAOK and WGWG; the two signed posters; two of Hank’s CDs, one hanklerfished; and John’s signature in my poetry notebook.

That signature was really the most meaningful thing to me out of that whole night. I had really, really wanted him to sign, just under “You shall love your crooked neighbor / with your crooked heart”, but I was worried that he couldn’t due to rules about him signing things that weren’t his books. We were some of the last people to get in line, and when I got up to the table and asked him about it, he said he’d sign it because we had been waiting so long. He was so sweet to us. Thanks, John! This really means a lot to me. DFTBA!

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15th January 2012


amorilinguae said: You went to the TdN‽ I went to the TdN! Hi-5! and what gifts did you give them?


My friends made a little origami box, and we filled it with little notes during the wait for the signing line — and we put in drawings of fish with puns on John’s books. (The best was “An Abundance of Cuttlefish”. And “The Fault in Our Starfish”, of course. ^_^) And I gave Hank a Luigi doll to give to Katherine. They were so sweet, though we were some of the very last people, so they were a bit worn out.

Did you have fun? What kind of a time did you have? Wasn’t it amazing? :D

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14th January 2012

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I agree.


I agree.

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13th January 2012

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A present for Katherine! Hope I get to give it to her at the TdN tonight in Bethesda!

[Image description: Top, a snapshot of a plush Luigi doll with a chocolate-covered Peep tied to his stomach. Bottom left, the front of a card with “Help Wigi!” written on it in green marker. Bottom right, the inside of the card. Text: “Dear the Katherine, Thank you for making the Green family, and the Nerdfighter family, exponentially more awesome! For your bravery and determination in the face of the Spiky Fish Menace, we saute you. DFTBA! -Lisa, MD Nerdfighter.”]

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